Barbara Legate`s Precedents|Standard Statements of Law

We distribute this exciting publication, specifically designed for our personal injury lawyer clientele.  Barbara Legate is a leading practitioner in personal injury and has earned LEXPERT's highest rating of being "Most Frequently Recommended".  She has created a variety of statements of law covering issues that commonly arise throughout the litigation and at trial.

Barbara Legate's Standard Statements of Law include all the authorities, and are available in print and on CD allowing you to edit them. You can purchase the entire set, one or more packages or individual volumes. Choose from the following:

Evidentiary & Trial Process package

  1. Witnesses
  2. The Use and Admissibility of Demonstrative Evidence *Updated*
  3. Obligation to Cross Examine - Rule in Browne v. Dunn *Updated*
  4. Admissibility and Qualification of Expert Evidence *Updated*
  5. Rules of Opening Statements
  6. Mistrial and Striking the Jury Notice
  7. Use of Demonstrative Evidence in the Opening *Updated*
  8. Amendment of Pleadings at Trial *Updated*

Damages package

  1. Future Loss of Capacity - Housekeeping and Home Maintenance
  2. The Burden of Proof with Respect to Damages in Relation to Future Events and Contingencies *Updated*
  3. Loss of Earning Capacity and the Burden of Proof
  4. Causation and Pre-existing Condition *Updated*
  5. Collateral Benefits
  6. Future Cost of Care

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