Taran Virtual Associates

“I always knew what an associate was. I didn't know what a virtual associate was until I had the good fortune to enlist your assistance. I now understand that the word virtual , in this context, means, (without limitation and, inter alia ), the following: No additional payroll costs, no LPIC premiums, no LSUC membership fees, no additional staff, no additional office space, no additional training, no additional office politics, no new billing pressures and no further erosion of earnings.

I also now understand that the word associate , in the context of your firm means, (without limitation and, inter alia ), the following: First class service, prompt response, thorough and professional research, reasonable charges, quick (and accurate) answers and keen understanding of pertinent issues.

In this context, “ virtual associate ” equates to “ obvious choice ”.”

Dermot P. Nolan
Nolan Law Offices
October 2, 2000
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“I am consistently impressed with the quality of work from Taran Virtual Associates and encourage you to use them. The legal research, memoranda and facta provided through Taran Virtual Associates have always been completed thoroughly by lawyers … who got up to speed quickly. I have found dealing with … Taran Virtual Associates to be effortless.”

Barbara Legate
Legate & Associates
May 20, 1999
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"The precedents together with the authorities in an easily accessible format were extremely useful and well worth the investment. I found them to be indispensable and highly recommend them to any trial counsel."

Confidential Client 1690
October 31, 2016

"I am impressed at the quality, pace and responsiveness of your work and communication. I intend to alert my colleagues to your good work."

Confidential Client 1691
September 20, 2016

"Just wanted to let you know that [your associate]'s work was outstanding! It was exactly what I was looking for. It is clear that she read and absorbed the style of the sample chapters I provided. The time spent by me to revise and the revisions made were minor... Very pleased with my first experience using TVA!"

Confidential Client 1657
September 13, 2015

"... there's always someone out there who will do the job less well for less money.  I will always come back to you folks because I am impressed time and time again with the calibre of the associates"

Confidential Client 681
September 17, 2014

"I've had a chance to look this over and it was exactly what I needed. Very happy with the result and quick turn-around. Will definitely use you again in the future. Please pass my thanks to..."

Confidential Client 1606
April 13, 2014

"The quality of the memo is exceptional and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the product provided by [your associate] and to also thank her for her efforts."

Confidential Client 1573
April 17, 2013

"Thanks for the research. It's perfect."

Confidential Client 1283
March 29, 2011

"By the way the Legate Precedents are paying for themselves as we speak. My associate is on a long Jury Trial and they are invaluable. You have to spend money to make money.."

Confidential Client 1573
October 13, 2009

"The research was excellent and I found that the process was very easy. I will definitely use your services again."

Confidential Client 1343
September 8, 2009

"Just so you know, I got Judgment last week in this matter, with no questions asked. I am certain that your thorough and well organized factum was critical in our success thus far. Many thanks for your help!!"

Confidential Client 0872
January 27, 2009

"Many thanks to you and your associate...in this matter. If the [other side] had any doubts about whether he should settle, I like to think that the factum erased any doubt."

Confidential Client 1018
May 19, 2008


“Yesterday my client won this FLA case on a motion for summary judgement and was awarded $7,500 in costs. The success was largely attributable to this research. Thanks!”

Confidential Client 1017
April 17, 2008

Having been recently appointed a judge of the Superior Court of Justice in and for the Province of Ontario, our former client said, "I can tell you that there have been many times that I wish I could call upon you for help in my new position."

Confidential Client 581
September 28, 2007

“I have just had the opportunity of using your services for research and memorandum of law. The service was excellent, timely, and very thorough. I appreciate having the service your company provides.”

Confidential Client 1098
May 25, 2006

“...I wanted to thank you and your team for the timeliness and content of the results, very helpful, and my client was impressed. I appreciate how you once again turned things around in a short timeframe in a professional manner. Kudos to all.”

Confidential Client 1015
April 03, 2006

“You accommodated our request on very short notice and I thank you for your prompt action and efficiency in arranging for an agent to attend to our matter.

I definitely plan to use your service again, and also intend to recommend it to colleagues.”

Confidential Client 987
April 18, 2005

“Thank you for your prompt and professional service. I look forward to working with you again in the future. You provide an excellent resource and service.”

Confidential Client 968
March 29, 2005

“Thank you for your great work.”

Confidential Client 691
March 9, 2005

“I thank you for your opinion and I compliment you on what I understand to be a very well researched report. I would avail myself of your services, if need arose in the future.”

Confidential Client 896
July 16, 2004

“…I have now had occasion to use your firm's services on two (2) occasions, and have been pleased with the quality of the service. I look forward to continuing to have your offices assist mine in my practice.”

Confidential Client 942
November 12, 2004

“…thank you for the prompt response. Your research was very helpful.”

Confidential Client 711
November 8, 2004

“...excellent research...”

Confidential Client 755
May 6, 2004

“I want to clearly let you know that your work was excellent…”

Confidential Client 782
April 13, 2004

“Thank you very much for the research. I think you have hit each issue on the head and I thank you for the same as it appears to have been very thoroughly done.”

Confidential Client 581
February 17, 2004

“Just wanted to get a quick note off to you regarding the exceptional work that Susan did on this assignment. I am so pleased with the calibre of her work. The information and case references will be of great help to my client. Would you kindly keep Susan's name handy as I would like to refer other assignments to her in the future. Again, my thanks to all involved.”

Confidential Client 747
February 10, 2004

“I just had a chance to review…excellent work! Thanks! Please pass this on to the Author.”

Confidential Client 581
January 19, 2004