Increase profits and control costs

  • Outsource the work that is uneconomical for you to perform yourself.
  • Capitalize on the up-to-date technological and research skills of Virtual Counsel® contract lawyers.
  • Manage your peak periods without adding to your company’s overhead.
  • Increase your legal department’s utility by accepting projects you would otherwise have to decline, given your workload.
  • Increase the time available for strategic planning.
  • Reduce the costs associated with traveling out-of-town by outsourcing such work to Virtual Counsel® contract lawyers.


Manage the growth of your department

  • Handle large projects without disrupting your counsel’s current assignments.
  • Access the varied skills and expertise of TVA to satisfy the diverse legal needs of your company.
  • Determine whether you can provide enough work to justify hiring additional full-time counsel.
  • Sample the legal work of a variety of lawyers before making a hiring decision.


Increase career satisfaction

  • Give yourself the freedom to focus on the rewarding aspects of your career.
  • Decrease the stress of servicing your company when you are short-staffed.
  • Enhance the energy and morale of your staff by ensuring that they are not working above capacity.
  • Enjoy your vacations or maternity leave with peace of mind that TVA is helping manage your workload in your absence.


Enhance client service

  • Enhance your flexibility to respond to your company’s legal needs during peak periods.
  • Eliminate the delays that arise from scheduling conflicts.
  • Ensure your legal work is performed as efficiently and quickly as possible, even when you are working above capacity.