How do I get started?

E-mail or call us toll-free 1-877-262-7762
TVA is committed to your project satisfaction.

What is the process?

TVA will start the process by:

  • Performing conflicts checks both by TVA and by the lawyer(s) doing the work
  • Clarifying your instructions
  • Answering your questions
  • Proposing a budget and timeline

Project Management

Next, a member of our project management team will:

  • Canvas our team of Virtual Associates® contract lawyers who are (a) best suited, and (b) available given your budget and deadline
  • Gather proper documents
  • Confirm which Virtual Associates® contract lawyer will complete the assignment
  • Provide you with a written confirmation of facts & issues, deadline and budget
  • Keep the project on track

Consider it Done

Now you can enjoy the peace of mind that your assignment is being completed, while our project management team:

  • Monitors moving pieces
  • Performs quality control
  • E-mails project deliverables (e.g. memorandum of law and authorities, factum, reports on examinations for discovery, etc.)
  • Delivers a quality TVA project – on time and on budget

Explain the benefits to your client

Be sure to tell your client that you may outsource work on their matter and include it in every retainer agreement. Explain the benefits upfront on how using TVA services will ensure the file is progressing, while reducing legal fees. Having a network of lawyers on your team, and at your disposal is a winning relationship!

“Everything begins with an idea.” – Earl Nightengale

Book a 30 minute strategic consultation meeting. Stephen Taran’s business-minded approach to the practice of law inspired the creation of Taran Virtual Associates. The services we provide are flexible to meet the changing needs of our over 1,200 clients.