Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us different?

Our PEOPLE are exceptionally talented contract lawyers who are available on demand to our clients, who are lawyers in law firms, in-house and in government. They are divided into three groups serving three kinds of clients:

  • Virtual Associates® contract lawyers for our law firm clients;
  • Virtual Counsel® contract lawyers for our in-house counsel clients; and
  • Virtual Authors contract lawyers for our clients who need their publications updated or conference papers written.

They are lawyers who are licensed and insured in Canada and have experience practicing law in one or more Canadian provinces. Tap into TVA’s vetted network of over 90 contract lawyers, each with their own niche experiences and talents in their areas of law. Access the needed expertise on demand.

Our PROCESS is equally important. TVA’s project management team has a combined 40 + years at the Ontario bar. A project manager will be involved in your project from start to finish. We ask the right questions to get your work done accurately, on-time and on-budget. At the start of every project you will receive an e-mail confirming your instructions, budget and deadline.

Delegate with Confidence and Consider it Done!


Who are the Virtual Associates® contract lawyers?

Virtual Associates® contract lawyers consist of a group of exceptional Canadian legal talent. They are lawyers who either chosen to enhance their practice working with TVA or have chosen to practice law in a non-traditional fashion. This includes:

  • Lawyers completing their LL.M.’s and Ph.D.’s.;
  • Lawyers who have left larger firms to start their own practices and decided to take on contract work while they build their new practices;
  • Lawyers with young families who prefer to work from home;
  • Lawyers with other time-consuming interests. One lawyer was was doing contract work while she was writing her first novel. Another alternates between legal work and working on the set of a TV show.
  • Retired or semi-retired lawyers who want to continue offering their expertise with greater flexibility than is offered in a traditional law firm.

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Can I meet/talk to the person doing the work?

The short answer is yes. A project manager will take your instructions; often you will only need to communicate with them. However, if you prefer, we can also arrange for you to speak with the lawyer doing the work.

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I don’t have the expertise to do the work. Should I outsource or refer the client to another lawyer?

Congratulations! You’ve identified an outsourcing trigger - someone else can complete the task more efficiently. Our clients prefer to delegate work to TVA rather than refer a client to a competitor.

Read more about why you should access the varied skills and expertise of the TVA network to increase your client base while managing the growth of your practice.

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Am I still the lawyer on record?

Yes. We can appear as your agent in court, at discoveries and at mediations. You remain solicitor of record throughout. If you would like the assistance of our experienced trial lawyers to conduct or second-chair a trial, then you might consider naming our associate as co-counsel of record.

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Do you have law clerks in your network?

Our business model is lawyers working for other lawyers. Depending on what's required, we may have a fit for you. Our network changes as our client's needs change.

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Are the lawyers all in Canada?

All of the lawyers on our team are called to the bar in one of the provinces in Canada. They all carry E&O Insurance.

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I would like someone to come into my office. Do you have a lawyer who will do that?

Yes. Virtual Associates® contract lawyers can attend your office if necessary/desired.

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I sent in my resume. What’s the next step to joining TVA's network of contract lawyers?

A project manager will contact you if you are a good fit with current opportunities. Please contact Linda Rondinelli directly if you wish to follow up.

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Do you have lawyers available to cover for a maternity leave?

Please contact a project manager to find out which lawyers in our network are available for such placements.

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I need the work done ASAP. How quick is the process?

The typical project turn-around time is 1 week. However, the more time you give TVA, the better we are able to assign the best suited lawyer to your project.  We have on occasion completed assignments the same day, or within 24 hours, under exceptional circumstances when our clients were in court and needed research done immediately!

What is your typical process?

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Is my project too small or too large to outsource?

No project is too small or large for TVA to handle! Our Project Management team have streamlined a process that works. We’ve serviced over 1,200 clients, some of whom have outsourced hundreds of matters, both large and small. Take advantage of our network. With over 90 lawyers across Canada, we just may meet the required skillset, timeline and budget you need. Tap into the network for you and your clients!

How much does a project cost?

A project manager will provide you with a budget before every project so there are never any surprises at the end of the project for you or your client.

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Do I have to tell my client when I’m outsourcing work?

You can bill us as a disbursement to your client, but it is more profitable to do so as legal fees. TVA will provide you with a time docket that does not include any dollar amounts so that it can be easily attached to your Statement of Account.
According to the Ontario Court of Appeal, when drafting your Bill of Costs include the contract lawyers time as legal fees not as a disbursement.

Email us a request for a TVA Gross-up brochure.
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Do I pay you a retainer/deposit?

New clients and projects over $5,000 require a deposit before TVA begins any work.

I left my email with the online chat. When can I expect to be contacted?

One of our team members will contact you ASAP, either the same day or the next morning.

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Is this confidential?

All lawyers on our team are licensed and insured in Canada, and as such, are bound by the same duty of confidentiality as all Canadian lawyers. Furthermore, TVA's contract lawyers are contractually bound to maintain confidentiality.

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How will I benefit from outsourcing?
  • Increase profits and control costs
  • Manage the growth of your practice
  • Increase career satisfaction
  • Enhance client service

Read more about The Benefits of outsourcing.

If you have questions you can’t find the answers to, please use the contact us page.