Associates on demand.

Whenever your firm is working at capacity, consider outsourcing work to our Virtual Associates® contract lawyers.

Gain experience

The Legal Outsourcing Network® consists of lawyers who possess expertise in virtually every area of law. Experience levels range from a 1965 year of call to new calls. Our selective recruiting process ensures instant access to highly skilled lawyers whenever you need them. Our project management team ensures your projects are always completed on time and within budget by Virtual Associates® contract lawyers best suited to the assignment.

Reduce costs

Maximize your profitability by outsourcing court appearances, discoveries, drafting and research to our network of contract lawyers on a flexible assignment-by-assignment basis. Increase the pleasure you derive from practicing law by delegating work to our expanding network of lawyers. Our hourly rates are deliberately set below market allowing you to gross up the fee and earn a profit on outsourced work. You will gain the flexibility to focus your efforts on the tasks you enjoy, and increase your effective hourly rate by leveraging your time and minimizing time written off.

Retainer Agreement

You probably already have language in your retainer agreement that authorizes you to employ agents, experts and counsel as you see necessary. If not, we can send you a sample retainer agreement.

E-mail me a TVA brochure that includes a sample retainer agreement.