About TVA

Taran Virtual Associates is The Legal Outsourcing Network® . TVA started the practice of Legal Process Outsourcing (also known as LPO) in Ontario, Canada in April of 1997. TVA has brought outsourcing to the practice of over 1,300 lawyers for 25 years.

TVA services the entire legal community. Our clients in private practice are lawyers who outsource their court appearances, discoveries, drafting and research on demand. Our in-house counsel clients outsource their drafting, due diligence and litigation as the need arises. Many of the contract lawyers in our network are talented writers and authors. Our publishing clients include both legal publishers and authors. TVA is also a source for a variety of precedents and practice tools.

We can tackle any sized project within any budget using our network of over 90 contract lawyers across Canada. Our below market rates improve our clients' profitability and cost savings.

The services we provide are flexible to meet the changing needs of our clientele. Our clients' unusual requests have resulted in an expansion of our services. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with any of your specific needs.

We are continually recruiting highly qualified lawyers to join our network. Contact us to learn more about the recruitment process.

TVA Difference

What makes us different? People and process.

Our PEOPLE Virtual Associates®, Virtual Counsel® and Virtual Authors contract lawyers. They are licensed and insured in Canada and have experience practicing law in one or more Canadian provinces. Tap into TVA's vetted network of over 90 contract lawyers, each with their own niche experiences and talents in their areas of law. Access the needed expertise on demand.

Our PROCESS is equally important. TVA's project management team has a combined 40+ years at the Ontario bar. A project manager will be involved in your project from start to finish. We ask the right questions to get your work done accurately, on-time and on-budget. At the start of every project you will receive an e-mail confirming your instructions, budget and deadline.

Delegate with Confidence and Consider it Done!

What People are Saying

“…I have now had occasion to use your firm's services on two (2) occasions, and have been pleased with the quality of the service. I look forward to continuing to have your offices assist mine in my practice.”

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