Expand your network of freelancers/authors

  • Gain quick access to a select network of Virtual Authors.
  • Protect the identity of the publication and publisher, by having our dedicated project management team recruit the ideal Virtual Authors.
  • Use our confidential services, instead of recruiting freelancers, to avoid promoting the perception that the publication is out of date.
  • Access legal writers with practical experience for publications containing precedents.
  • Capitalize on the up-to-date technological and research skills of the Virtual Authors.
  • Invigorate the publication with fresh ideas and approaches by having a variety of Virtual Authors work on the publication, and avoid being dependent on any one freelancer.
  • Obtain another source for manuscripts and book ideas.


Increase profitability of publications

  • Meet and exceed revenue targets by adding more loose-leaf updates to the publication schedule.
  • Control costs by negotiating flat rates for on-going projects.
  • Manage your peak periods without adding the overhead associated with staff writers.
  • Increase the number of publications in your portfolio by initiating new projects that you would otherwise have to postpone, given your workload.
  • Increase the time available for project development.


Consistently meet publication deadlines

  • Gain a stable and reliable source of content for existing publications.
  • Provide authors with the confidence that their work is being updated by a fellow practitioner.
  • Enhance your flexibility to meet publication deadlines during peak periods.
  • Build an inventory of content for upcoming loose-leaf updates.
  • Manage large projects without disrupting your staff writers’ and freelancers’ current assignments.
  • Continue updating publications while authors or freelancers are temporarily unavailable (e.g. vacation or maternity leave).


Increase your productivity using managed Virtual Authors

  • Access our project management team to coordinate a group of Virtual Authors on large or long-term projects.
  • Reduce the time you spend ensuring that authors and freelancers meet deadlines, and avoid conflicts in the process.
  • Decrease the stress of meeting publication deadlines during peak periods.
  • Enhance the energy and morale of your staff writers/freelancers by ensuring that they are not working above capacity.
  • Ensure that publication content is being produced as efficiently and quickly as possible, even when your current staff writers/freelancers are working above capacity.