How do I get started?

E-mail or call us toll-free 1-877-262-7762

TVA is committed to your project satisfaction.

What is the process?

TVA will start the process by:

  • Performing conflicts checks both by TVA and by the lawyer(s) doing the work
  • Clarifying the assignment
  • Answering your questions
  • Proposing a budget and timeline

Project Management

Next, a member of our Project Management team will:

  • Canvas our team of Virtual Counsel® contract lawyers who are (a) best suited, and (b) available given your budget and deadline
  • Gather proper documents
  • Confirm which Virtual Counsel® contract lawyer will complete the assignment
  • Provide you with a written confirmation of facts & issues, deadline and budget
  • Keep the project on track

Consider it Done

Now you can enjoy the peace of mind that your assignment is being completed, while our project management team:

  • Monitors moving pieces
  • Performs quality control
  • E-mails project deliverables (e.g. contracts, opinions, etc.)
  • Proposing a quality TVA project – on time and on budget

“Everything begins with an idea.” – Earl Nightengale

Book a 30-minute strategic consultation meeting. Stephen Taran’s business-minded approach to the practice of law inspired the creation of Taran Virtual Associates. The services we provide are flexible to meet the changing needs of our over 1,200 clients.