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Taran Virtual Associates

TVA's virtual team of lawyers continue to serve our clients remotely. Our office employees are also working safely from home, where they will continue to provide you thorough and prompt service. Click for further information.

Taran Virtual Associates is The Legal Outsourcing Network® . TVA started the practice of Legal Process Outsourcing (also known as LPO) in Ontario in April of 1997.

Our clients in private practice are lawyers who outsource their court appearances, discoveries, drafting and research on demand. Our corporate counsel clients outsource their drafting, due diligence and litigation as the need arises. We can tackle any sized project within any budget using our network of over 90 contract lawyers across Ontario and expanding nationwide. TVA has brought outsourcing to the practice of over 1,200 lawyers in the past 20 years.

Many of the contract lawyers in our network are talented writers and authors. Our publishing clients include both legal publishers and authors, who use Virtual Authors® contract lawyers to update and add new material to existing publications. Legal publishers also use Taran Virtual Associates (TVA) to author new texts and next editions.

We are your source for Barbara Legate's Precedents, specifically designed for our personal injury clientele, and TVA's customized Wrongful Dismissal Report, for our clients who need to determine the appropriate notice period to which an employee is entitled according to the common law.

The services we provide are flexible to meet the changing needs of our clientele. Our clients' unusual requests have resulted in an expansion of our services. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with any of your specific needs.

We are continually recruiting highly qualified lawyers to join our network. Contact us to learn more about the recruitment process.