Taran Virtual Associates

The Virtual Author simulates the publications' named author; just as virtual reality emulates reality. However, the Virtual Author will not retire, change priorities or lack time for updating the text. Taran Virtual Associates will ensure that a Virtual Author is always available to continue with a project.

Virtual Authors provide assistance only when needed. You can outsource as much or as little work to one or more Virtual Authors as frequently or infrequently as your publishing schedule dictates. This concept of “just-in-time hiring” gives you the flexibility to minimize expenses while meeting your clients' demand for quality updates.

The Legal Outsourcing Network consists of over 90 lawyers across Ontario and continues to expand nationwide. Virtual Authors can work individually or in teams. Projects with limited budgets often dictate the use of junior lawyers, yet still require the expertise of a seasoned lawyer. Our team approach provides a cost-effective solution by combining the talents of our junior and senior lawyers. We can tackle any size project within any budget.

Taran Virtual Associates has assisted publishers with the following projects:

  • Researching and updating new statutory references in loose-leaf services
  • Creating new content for updates to existing publications
  • Researching and drafting updates to existing loose-leaf publications
  • Authoring new editions of loose-leaf publications